The Story of SKOSHA

A Nova Scotian Story

As you can tell from our name, SKOSHA is proudly Nova Scotian!

Set apart by its distinct natural beauty, the coastal province of Nova Scotia provides the perfect backdrop for growing our premium cannabis. The unspoiled natural setting of our home base reflects our dedication to clean growing practices, and we are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us. SKOSHA products are hand grown  at our production centre in the lush mountainside forests of Nova Scotia’s Wentworth Valley.


So, what exactly makes SKOSHA cannabis premium? It all starts with our industry-leading commitment to quality. This commitment to consumers led to the creation of our PurePlant™ proprietary growing method, which involves rigorous seed-selection and in-house genotyping and phenotyping processes. Plants receive individualized care and attention, allowing us to produce pure, premium cannabis every single time. Similarly, we don’t use pesticides, herbicides, or other potentially harmful chemicals in the production of our plants.

Non-Irradiated Cannabis

Most importantly, our cannabis products are non-irradiated. This level of purity allows the vibrant terpene profile of each SKOSHA product to illuminate your consumption experience with distinct flavors and aromas. While most brands still use gamma-irradiation to kill bacteria and fungi on their cannabis, causing damage to the terpene profile of the plant, SKOSHA is proud to be an industry leader in the non-irradiation of cannabis.

Our Environment

At SKOSHA, we understand and cherish the environment that surrounds us, which is why we use naturally purified water sourced from the mountain, adhere to energy-efficient production practices, and compost organic waste on site. We also minimize plastic waste by using innovative packaging methods, fulfilling federal requirements for safe, childproof cannabis packaging without generating unnecessary waste.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for next month’s post where we shine the spotlight on Mirage Plus, SKOSHA’s unique take on the award winning GodBud strain.