The Environment

Inspired by the place we live.

As Nova Scotia’s first licensed producer, own and operated locally halfway up a mountain in the lush forest of Wentworth, we are constantly reminded to preserve our surroundings and have limited impact on the environment.

We have established a relationship with NS power and continuously work with their team to ensure best practices to be the most efficient, installing LED lights in our vegetation room has been our most recent change in the right direction.

Our cannabis is grown in a former NATO satellite communication facility, the original building has been completely converted to fulfill our cultivation requirements. We are able to use natural resourced water from within the mountain and compost our used growing medium material on site.

In 2018, the province announced over 1900 hectares surrounding us in Wentworth has been designated as a protected wilderness area.

SKOSHA is committed to reducing the waste associated with recreational cannabis sales. 

Since our first day of recreational sales, SKOSHA product has been sold in limited packaging that still satisfies all of the federal requirements without unnecessary plastic waste. A single, resealable bag for flower and a recyclable tube that holds our Pre Rolls, our large quantities are housed in a Calyx Container – fully recyclable with advanced secondary sealing technology that prevents moisture loss.

As Nova Scotians, we spend a lot of time outdoors, we understand the important of unspoiled natural environments.