Are you licensed? 

Breathing Green Solutions is a federally licensed, independent producer of cannabis. We provide locally grown, quality cannabis to provincial licensed retailers. You can confirm our license status, and that of any other legal producer of cannabis on Health Canada’s website.

What is a terpene profile?

A terpene profile is a breakdown display of the total specific terpene compounds found in a chemotype. It shows the percent available of the constituents within a given sample, put simply; Terpenes are produced by a variety of plants, including cannabis. These compounds have many essential roles in plant growth and are responsible for taste, smell, and various effects.

Do you sell medical cannabis?

Breathing Green Solutions holds licenses for cannabis cultivation, medical sales, and processing. Currently, our products are only available in the adult recreational market. Please check with your local provincially licensed retailers to see if they carry our SKOSHA products.

I’m new to cannabis, where do I start?

Cannabis affects everyone differently, and varying amounts, strains and forms can cause different lengths and levels of impairment. Begin with low THC percentages and slowly learn how you react. Keeping a cannabis journal is a helpful way to understand your body’s unique response to cannabis. Helpful links:

Do you irradiate Skosha cannabis?

We do NOT irradiate our products. Gamma irradiation is the process of using radiation to kill microorganisms on a variety of different products.

Due to the strict regulations placed on cannabis used for medical purposes while trying to adhere to the standards surrounding biological impurities, irradiation has been a common practice used for cannabis. This practice has continued in the legal market to mitigate the risk when producing high volumes, studies have shown irradiating cannabis can have negative effects such as accelerating the evaporation of terpenes.

Regulated vs unregulated cannabis

Obtaining cannabis from illegal sources may involve serious healthy and safety risks such as:

  • Unknown THC potency (concentration or strength) – you could end up using a stronger product than expected
  • No safeguards for product quality and purity

Unlike cannabis for medical purposes obtained from legal sources, which follow strict requirements, cannabis from illegal sources may be mixed with or contain:

  • pesticides
  • heavy metals
  • molds or fungi
  • other contaminants

Where can I buy SKOSHA?

Where to Buy

You call SKOSHA homegrown?

Nestled in the clean, cool forests of Nova Scotia’s Wentworth Valley, SKOSHA is the province’s first licensed producer of cannabis products. Powered by our proprietary PurePlantTM growing method, we are committed to delivering the most pristine, reliable and trustworthy cannabis products to our customers everywhere.

In 2013 a group of maritime friends and family came together to be a part of cultivating premium cannabis, supporting economic growth in rural Nova Scotia and delivering craft top quality cannabis products.

At SKOSHA we take advantage of any natural resource available, purchase materials locally and work every day to reduce our ecological footprint. The urge to create something uniquely our own runs deep through people in Nova Scotia. We believe our attention to detail, commitment and passion is what truly makes SKOSHA homegrown.