Breathing Green Solutions has developed a unique, proprietary growing and production methodology called PurePlantTM.

The PurePlantTM method is derived from over 20 years of experience in growing cannabis plants. This process begins with a ruthlessly discrimination seed selection process, allowing our team to optimise plant health through rigorous genotyping processes all done in-house.

A perfect blend of uniquely customized growing innovations, involving and including daily personal interaction with each individual plant, customized and responsive feeding and nutrition programs, hand-mixed proprietary growing mediums, individual environmentally controlled grow chambers, and many more.

Skosha aims to produce the purest and smoothest experience with every product we release to the market. Combine PurePlantTM with our first in class Quality Control Systems that focus on extreme sanitation, pest management, and full environment control programs, Skosha produces buds that are completely free from contaminants allowing our products to enter the market irradiation free.

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