Seagrass: A Strain Story


Life in Nova Scotia is defined by the sea. Whether you’re looking to spend a relaxing day at the beach, or catch some serious waves, the ocean offers experiences for all. Our latest strain, Seagrass is named for the gorgeous green and blue colour of its resinous buds, reminiscent of the sea that surrounds us and the seagrass that can be found by looking just under the surface.


Grown right here in Nova Scotia, Seagrass is a descendant of the Cookies family and SKOSHA’s take on the award-winning Sherbet Gelato. Seagrass offers a hybrid consumption experience that is rich in flavour and aroma, perfect for new cannabis users and connoisseurs alike!

This potent hybrid bud contains 23%-28% THC and 0.02%-1% CBD.


Seagrass features a bold, yet balanced blend of spicy and herbaceous flavours and aromas, complemented by floral and citrus notes. Highly potent, Seagrass delivers a rich flavour and aroma profile. Resinous trichomes on these dense buds result in a rich, fragrant aroma profile and high potency. Terpenes are stored in the trichomes- the sticky, tiny, hair-like glands that cover the cannabis bud. Our PurePlant™ proprietary growing method ensures that trichomes thrive throughout the growing process, resulting in a highly flavourful and aromatic consumption experience.

Below are the leading terpenes of Seagrass:


Caryophyllene (41%): Dominating almost half of the Seagrass terpene profile, caryophyllene delivers bold, spicy flavours and aromas that ignite the senses like the rich scent of freshly ground pepper.

Humulene (18%): Humulene delivers fresh, herbaceous flavours and aromas that take the consumption experience back to its organic roots.

Nerolidol (14%): Nerolidol delivers fragrant, floral flavours and aromas that remind us of those warm summer days in the garden.

Limonene (7%): Limonene delivers zesty, citrus flavours and aromas that elevate the consumption experience with subtle notes of lemon.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for next month’s post where we shine the spotlight on SKOSHA’s Lemon Dory!