Tropical Storm

This bright flower is sticky with resin, slightly sour, and delivers a variety of fruity aromas.

Strawberry Sky

Delivering a strong fruity aroma and a woody undertone, this balanced flower blooms bright and is sweet, true to its name.


Shelter is an indica flower and our only CBD dominant strain.

Mirage Plus

This high THC flower delivers pleasant earthy, slightly spicy and citrus aromas.


An indica flower with resinous buds that produce high levels of THC.

Dartmouth Kush

This flower delivers an earthy, and spice aroma with an unexpected berry flavour, provided by its blueberry genetic.


A balanced indica-sativa hybrid with medium to high THC.

Lemon Dory

Lemon Dory is a sativa strain that produces large, dense colourful buds with medium-high THC.


This strain was our introduction to Maritimers as Nova Scotia’s first licensed producer.