Lemon Dory: A Strain Story

Lemon Dory

Explore Nova Scotia’s rugged coastline and you’re sure to catch a glimpse of this strain’s namesake, the classic small dory boat. SKOSHA Lemon Dory lives up to its name thanks to its burst of lemony flavour and the careful cultivation of these non-irradiated plants. 


Grown in beautiful Nova Scotia, Lemon Dory crosses the Nigerian Hashplant phenotype with Lemon OG for a sativa strain that delivers a powerful lemon punch. The aromatic citrus flavour and aroma is complemented by hints of pine and spice. 

This balanced sativa bud contains 18% – 22% THC and 0.00%-1% CBD for an uplifting experience.


Lemon Dory is a flavourful sativa strain that produces large, dense colourful buds with medium-high THC. The flower is bursting with fresh citrus aroma complimented by pine and spice. Lemon Dory is grown with our PurePlant™ proprietary growing method, ensuring that trichomes thrive throughout the growing process. It’s also non-irradiated, which means Lemon Dory always offers a highly flavourful and aromatic consumption experience. 

Below are the leading terpenes of Lemon Dory:


Myrcene (35%): The most dominant terpene in Lemon Dory, myrcene delivers deep, earthy flavours and aromas that are reminiscent of a crisp autumn walk through a lush forest.

Terpinolene (13%) : Terpinolene is one of the lesser-known and most unique terpenes. It’s a multi-dimensional terpene that can smell and taste piney, floral, herbaceous and even a little citrusy , like a fresh green apple.

Caryophyllene (12%): Caryophyllene delivers rich, spicy aromas that ignite the senses like the bold scent of pepper.

Limonene (9%): This terpene is the Lemon to our Dory! Limonene delivers zesty, citrus flavours and aromas that elevate the consumption experience with subtle notes of lemon.


That’s all for now! Stay tuned for next month’s post where we take a tour of the province we call home, Nova Scotia!